On-demand. Dead-simple. Conference calling.

Perfect for small and home offices. No monthly fees.

Just $5 per conference room and $0.07 per minute. No contract, just pay for what you use.

So, how does this work exactly?

It's free to signup and there is no monthly fee. Whenever you want to create a new conference room, just login and create it. It costs just $5 to create a new conference room and then it's just $0.07 per minute per participant. You're billed for the conference room when you create it and you're billed for the minute usage once the conference room expires.

When does a conference room expire?

You have 30 days to use your conference room before it will expire. We give you 30 days so that you can plan a conference call a few weeks ahead of time.

Once you or a participant calls into your conference room it will remain active and open for 24 hours before expiring.

Do I need to enter in my credit card to signup?

No. It's easy and free to signup, we just ask for your email address and a password.

All accounts come with a free conference room and a few free minutes to go along with it so you can test our service out.